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Chances are that if you don’t live in Texas or Oklahoma region of the country, then you’ve probably never heard of this Texas band with roots stretching back nearly a decade. But if you have seen these guys but haven’t been to a Whiskey Prophets show in the past couple years, then you also don’t know the Whiskey Prophets of today. 

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The Whiskey Prophets were founded in 2010 by singer / songwriter Brad Roberson.  Although the band has been around for quite a while now, that’s not to assume the band you saw 5 years ago is the same band that is melting faces today.  The band’s roster has seen it’s fair share of rotation in 10 years and every change in personnel brought changes to the sound and to the music.  

Today the Alt-Country / Americana band from Dallas is comprised of singer/songwriter Brad Roberson on rhythm guitar, John Hosford on lead guitar and support vocals, Todd Kelley on bass and support vocals, Chris Gilcrease on lap-steel & pedal-steel guitars, harmonica and support vocals and Mike Norris on drums. This version of the band has been together for 3 years and their newest album Ashes to Anthems. is the group’s first musical reemergence since 2016.

The Whiskey Prophets of today are still the same Whiskey Prophets in spirit. The songs still blur the lines between country & rock like a hippie in a NRA shirt driving a farm truck. They still pull you back to the song with a hook or a line, a lyric or a guitar-lick.  And they still will undoubtedly leave you confused about what box to stick them into while absolutely certain you want more.

The difference between the Whiskey Prophets of today vs the earlier versions is most obvious in the vocals arrangements. The addition of John Hosford (Hos) at lead guitar and Todd Kelley at bass guitar came with unexpected and harmonious fruits. Hos had been the front man of his previous band and Kelley’s talents for singing the 3rd part of the harmonies in the group were undeniable. Big harmonies and vocal accompaniments are as much a part of the Whiskey Prophets live show today as the confessional lyrics and southern-rock guitar solos of the shows of early years.  


  Ashes To Anthems was released on July 4th, 2019. Although it’s the band’s 4th full-length, studio offering, don’t make the mistake of assuming you know what to expect from a Whiskey Prophets album. 

This time the band took their songs to Fort Worth producer Bart Rose at the legendary Fort Worth Sound Studios. Bart’s resume sort of speaks for itself having worked with greats such as Pat Green, Daryl Dodd and pretty much anyone involved with the music scene in Fort Worth so when he agreed to work with the Whiskey Prophets, there could only be one outcome.  

The difference in this album is palpable and an obvious evolution compared to the Whiskey Prophets previous works. Not only has the band gotten better, but the recording and studio production is top notch. 




Available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and all other digital platforms. You can also stream it through Spotify, Pandora and all other digital streaming services.  


Or for the BEST experience out there, you can also bring your ass to a live show and pick up a signed copy at a discounted rate!


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